A modern take on ‘Mommy and Me’ style

Perhaps it’s a product of genius marketing, but it seems we mothers have an innate urge to match our young. There’s something so tantalizing about carefully coordinated “Mommy and Me” clothing. I mean seriously, what could be cuter?

Ever walk through a photo studio or flip through a family album and think… wow, those people really nailed that look! The colors are cohesive… the style, casual yet classic. In short, they complement each other without it looking intentional.

My new favorite sweater and this precious baby hoodie will give you that not-trying-too-hard “Mommy and Me” look.

Mommy and Me Sweaters

My Sweater (Now, on sale!) | Baby Hoodie| Denim Leggings | OTK Boots | Earrings (similar)

Collar Detail Mommy and Me Sweaters

First, let’s start with this mock-neck hi-lo sweater. I’ve been looking for quite some time to find a flattering style that is long enough to wear with leggings. It’s been a challenge because most longer styles overwhelm a petite frame (I’m just under 5′). Not the case, with this one from Old Navy! It drapes perfectly. Plus, the delicate detailing around the sleeves and hem adds a touch of elegance. It’s really a standout piece and looks far more expensive than it really is. Even better, it’s on sale!

Hudson’s sweater is from Gap Kids. It has become our go-to item whenever we take photos of him. There’s something about those teddy bear ears that guarantees you will get a good shot. It might even put him in a good mood; he is always so smiley in it. Could babies instinctively know when they’re looking great? We have it in French Vanilla, but it also comes in 6 other colors.

Mock-Neck Hi-Lo Sweater | Baby’s Bear Sweater | Denim Leggings | OTK Boots | Earrings (similar)

Now, to the leggings. If I have one pet peeve about leggings in general, it’s that far too many of your options are thin and revealing. These leggings (Assets by Spanx) are the perfect alternative. They hold you in, provide great derriere coverage (a.k.a you can’t see through them) and have a nice, thick waistband. I found it great for postpartum, as it helps suck in areas that aren’t quite back to normal. To my fellow mommies: you want these leggings!

Finally, let’s talk about the fun burgundy OTK boots (30 percent off if you buy in stores). As a shorty, with thick and muscular legs, I was convinced this trend would not work on me. I’ve tried on so many OTK styles and they are usually too tight on the thigh to work for me. Target’s version solves that problem by allowing you to adjust the top with a tie. Finally, victory in the Lindsay vs. boots battle!

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  1. Victoria Martin | 15th Jan 18

    Love this!!!

  2. Crissy | 16th Jan 18

    Adorable, I really love the style and this makes me miss my kids being little. Those boots are amazing, I can’t wait to go try them on!

    • laveremis | 16th Jan 18

      Everyone keeps telling me they grow up so fast—I’m hoping to savor every moment!

    • laveremis | 22nd Jan 18

      Everyone keeps telling me kiddos grow up so fast! Trying to savor every moment.

  3. Emily Fata, www.EmulatingEmily.com | 16th Jan 18

    I have that exact same sweater both in the cream and the wine colour! I’m OBSESSED with it! It’s so comfy and warm!

    • laveremis | 16th Jan 18

      I know, right? It’s my fall/winter uniform!

    • laveremis | 22nd Jan 18

      I took a cue from your playbook and just scooped up the wine shade too!

  4. Shannon Sawicki | 16th Jan 18

    Cute pictures, love your boots and your little bear sweater so precious.

  5. doreen | 17th Jan 18

    I love the photos! Your son smile is the cutest.

  6. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo | 17th Jan 18

    You look gorgeous, and your son is adorable! I’m in love with your boots! 🙂

  7. Evelyn, PathofPresence | 17th Jan 18

    Gorgeous photos, Love! I agree – its marketing genius! Who wouldn’t want to have their baby dress in the same outfit? So cute!

  8. Luci | 17th Jan 18

    Gorgeous photography and your sweater look super warm. Really love your boots, they actually look comfortable.

  9. Elizabeth O | 17th Jan 18

    You both look so cute, I love the matching outfits it’s such a sweet thing to do. Those boots you are wearing are amazing!! 🙂

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