Chicwish Swimwear Review: Know BEFORE You Buy

chicwish swimwear reviews

Planning a winter getaway, looking ahead to summer? If you’re on the hunt for affordable statement swimwear, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’ll share insight on one of my favorite places to score eye-catching, artful swimsuits… and we’ll talk about the pitfalls. Chicwish swimwear is amazing. However, there are some caveats you need to know BEFORE placing your order. This Chicwish swimwear review will cover those in detail, along with sizing, quality, and shipping info.

To begin, I want to point out that I’m not basing this Chicwish swimwear review upon a single swimsuit (that wouldn’t give me enough information to adequately judge the quality or sizing).  Rather, I have six swimsuits from this retailer –  yes 6 of them! That’s a hint toward my overall conclusion about this retailer. But, let’s dive into the evidence first…

Chicwish revChicwish swimwear review - lemon print bikiniLemon Print Two-Piece ($20.93) | Note: Back coverage is a bit cheeky on this one

Is it Legit? Chicwish Swimwear

What is Chicwish?

Chances are if you are reading this Chicwish swimwear review, you may have stumbled upon Chicwish via social media. The international company has a heavy social media presence and is very active on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. But before you go lumping Chicwish in with the likes of SHEIN (read my review on that company here), I want to point out that this particular retailer is a step above. I would compare it’s quality to ZARA or the higher priced items at H&M.

Chicwish caters to women who have an especially feminine or vintage aesthetic, as well as those who love classic elegance. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s totally my vibe! I appreciate that the brand offers some really unique items, the types of girly pieces I won’t find anywhere else. You can read my review of Chicwish’s clothing here.


Let’s Talk Swimwear – Chicwish Swimwear Review

The Pros

  • Really Affordable Pricing

Aside from its femininity, the appeal of Chicwish is often the price. This is especially the case with its swimwear! You can nab incredible styles (and amazing construction) for under $25!

In fact, I’m still trying to figure out how exactly the brand is able to sell a suit like the one I’m wearing above for less than $21… At this price point, I would expect a sacrifice in fabrication. Perhaps scratchy materials or cups that are unlined/unpadded, uneven hems, etc. Instead, Chicwish offers high quality construction, plus a lot of attention to detail – padded cups, double layering, etc.

  • Uniquely Dramatic Styles

To me, this is the main benefit of shopping Chicwish swimwear. The brand is super inventive with its styles – see a few of them below. They are the kind of pieces you’d expect at a specialty boutique – dramatic ruffles, architectural twists and details, edgy one pieces, even mommy and me styles. It also leans toward the elegant side, with plenty of vintage-inspired pieces that offer a retro feel.

  • Wide Range of Coverage Options

Best of all, it carries a range of coverage options. Message to brands: cheeky styles may be popular right now, but some of us are the hunt for modest coverage too! Whether you favor a higher cut leg/backside or prefer full coverage high-waisted styles, you can find it on Chicwish.

  • High quality fabrics/construction

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of Chicwish’s fabrics. They feel thick and supportive.  This black number is a great example of that.  It almost felt like a shapewear garment. In fact, the top is so beautifully made, I also use it as a bodysuit. When I study the construction of these swimsuits, I would expect a much higher price tag. They are just as nice as swimsuits I’ve paid $100 for!

Chicwish swimwear reviewblack ruffled Chicwish swimsuitChicwish swimsuit as bodysuit Black V-Neck Ruffled Swimsuit ($36) | Flowy Maxi Skirt ($47)

The Cons

  • Sizing runs small

If you take away anything from this Chicwish swimwear review, this is my most important point: Chicwish swimsuits run significantly smaller than most brands (petite gals you’ll love this brand). Do not simply order your normal size, you must read the sizing guidelines! Moreover, you should be reading them for each individual item. While they are 100 percent accurate, they are not consistent from suit to suit.

I got lazy with this on my last order — and it came back to bite me. I checked the size guide for two of the four suits I ordered and found the measurements were the same. Then, I incorrectly assumed those measurements would be consistent for the orange suit below. No such luck. I had been ordering a medium in Chicwish suits (typically a perfect fit for my 33-26-36 measurements).

However, sizing for the zippered orange style was more like what you’d find in a traditional department store. As a result, the suit was pretty large on me… and it was completely my fault. I went back to look at the sizing guide and the measurements were right there. If I had simply read them, I would have another perfect fit.

Zippered back ruffle bikini set in orange

Moral of the story? Read the size guides and you’ll be fine.

  • Some styles only run up to size L

Chicwish swimwear definitely caters to the petite crowd. A lot of the swimsuits are only available in small, medium, or large. There are a few styles that offer an XL option (like this orange number), but those are the rarity. If you are curvy or have measurements larger than 36-30-39 you might find Chicwish swimwear a challenge.

  • Cup padding is pretty thick

This is a rather subjective opinion, but I feel like the cup padding is a bit much in some Chicwish swimwear styles. I ended up removing it in the swimsuits I own that have twisted, architectural details at the bust line (this $21 stunner is an example of that). I have a rather large rib cage, so combining that with thick cup padding felt a bit confining. However, some of you may actually appreciate this feature!

Chicwish one-piece - swimwear review

Other Chicwish Swimwear FAQS

Can you shop Chicwish on Amazon?

Yes, but the selection is more limited and you will not find any Chicwish swimwear there. Chicwish’s Amazon site offers outerwear (sweaters and coats) but no swimsuits. Amazon is a great way to test out the brand and get super fast delivery. However, if you want the brand’s full selection – and the ability to use the coupon codes it regularly shares on its website and social media – you’ll need to go to the main website.

CLICK HERE to browse Chicwish on Amazon

Chicwish swimwear review Ruffle Bikini ($36) 

What’s the shipping time like? Return policy?

So this is an area where Chicwish recently made a big improvement! As of September, 2021 the brand started offering U.S. customers free returns (less the $8 shipping label cost). You need to have the original tags on the item and you must return it within 30 days from the date your order shipped to you. Shipping time varies. Sometimes I’ve received my items super quick (in less than a week). On other occasions, it has taken the full two weeks. To be on the safe side, I would plan on your order arriving within 8-12 business days.

Can you share what size you order in Chicwish swimwear?

You bet! Normally, I am a size small in swimwear – that is NOT the case with Chicwish. In almost all of their swimsuits, I need a medium – rather than my traditional size. The tops are significantly smaller than what you would find in department store sizing. Make sure you read those size guidelines carefully! I’m 4’11 and about 112 lbs – curvier on the bottom than the top.

Happy shopping!



  1. Kay Jones | 9th Jun 22

    Do you have any experience with RETURNING anything? Sadly my experience with this retailer has been far different than yours and I am extremely dissatisfied.

    I purchased six swim suits to take on a vacation to Key West. I DID read the sizing guide and ordered accordingly. EVERY suit is WAY too big. That happens sometimes however My biggest complaint is the absolute run around I’m getting in Trying to return these suits for a full refund. I was asked for a detailed list of each suit along with a picture of each (the order summary that listed out each suit with a picture wasn’t enough). Every correspondence is met with weeks of silence from their “customer service” department. I have jumped through every hoop they’ve required and STILL after seven weeks of waiting for return instructions and a refund, I received yet another email this am asking if I am disappointed in all suits ordered. I am beginning to think this company is a scam.
    Can you offer any suggestions on how to get a refund along with how to return the merchandise? Would really appreciate any help!

    • laveremis | 11th Jun 22

      Hi Kay,
      What a bummer! So sorry your experience didn’t match mine. I haven’t had to do many returns. Those that I did were items purchased from Chicwish’s Amazon store. The process was quick and easy. Why don’t I try to get you an answer from my brand contact, so we can get this figured out for you. She is super responsive and cares a great deal about customer satisfaction. I’ll shoot you an email, connecting the two of you. This company definitely isn’t a scam, as I have a ton of amazing pieces in my closet from them. However, it is quite possible their new swimwear styles shifted sizes in a transition to a new manufacturing team. They make a huge range of styles, so that might be the source of the inconsistency. The suits I’ve tried always ran small, lol.

  2. Lucy | 22nd Jun 22

    Thank you for taking the time to write this review.
    I absolutely loved your blog!

    BK.Com Go Gift Yourself

  3. Amelia | 8th Nov 23

    Yes, they’re definitely a SCAM they also scammed me. Using Paypal offers no protection or refund of your purchase

    • laveremis | 10th Nov 23

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been ordering from Chicwish for years and never had a problem. Then again, I’ve never had to make a return. Thanks for sharing your perspective to help broaden out this information! Was the issue with not being able to return your item for a refund?

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