How to Decorate Above The Bed

how to decorate above the bed

We’ve lived in our current home for more than three years now. Most of the “projects” are complete. The decor is nearly finalized. However, there is still one space glaring at me — the void above the bed in our master bedroom. It’s big. It’s blank… and it is crying for attention! Yet somehow, I’m stuck. For whatever reason, this is a tricky spot to design. In fact, you’d be amazed at just how popular “how to decorate above the bed” is as a Pinterest or Google search term?

Unsure what to do with your above-bed decor? Consider this post your idea generator! I haven’t always had trouble figuring out what to do with this space, so I thought looking back on rooms I’ve designed, plus my mother’s handiwork (she’s the trained interior designer of the family) might just spark a breakthrough.

Fresh Ways to Decorate Above the Bed

How to decorate above the bed - farmhouse canopy bedhow to decorate above the bed - mirror trioHow to decorate above the bed - mirror trioFarmhouse Bed

#1 – A Mirror Trio

Nothing fills a blank space quite like a trio of mirrors.  The repetition of three similar objects is calming and pleasing to the eye — exactly what you want in a bedroom retreat. And you can find a plethora of options for this type of decor in stores and online! I’ve always had great luck sourcing mirrors from HomeGoods, Target, or Joss & Main.

This particular master bedroom utilizes a set with a deep, chunky frame to inject a sense of texture and and interest. The trio really echoes the geometric lines of the stately farmhouse bed. To soften the effect, my mother draped a linen bed scarf over the canopy. She found the mirrors at Walmart. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available, but here are a few other mirror sets to get your creative juices flowing. Think of mirror sourcing like a treasure hunt, you never know when (or where) you’ll find something great!

Above the bed decor how to decorate above the bed

#2 – A Decorative Clock

It’s large and in charge! At a loss trying to figure out how to decorate above the bed? Sometimes all you need is a single statement object. In this case, an oversize, coastal-inspired clock fits the bill. Wall clocks jazz up the space nicely, but can easily fall into kitschy territory. How do we avoid this? Well, if you have a detailed clock like the one above, try to keep the rest of your decor simple and streamlined. While there are a few pops of navy in this guest bedroom, everything else is restrained and white.

Alternatively, if you prefer bold colors and prints on your bedding or wall, seek out a sleek/simple clock like this one. It will fill up the space above the bed, but recede a bit into the background allowing the rest of your choices to take center stage. Here are a few clock options to try…

Folding Room Divider (similar) | Raw Edge Quilt | Pom Bedskirt (similar) | Paint Color: Hampton Surf

#3 – A Carved Wood Room Divider

Bedroom design often requires a bit of creativity and imagination. You could skip decorating above the bed all together by using a carved wood room divider as a headboard. Bonus – They’re super cost-effective! For example, I scored mine at World Market about 10 years ago. It was under $100, like this piece, and gave me the same look as the near-$900 headboard I had fallen in love with.

These type of folding screens add a ton of height and drama, totally negating the need for any art or above-bed decor. In fact, any time I was unsure of how to decorate above my bed, I found myself using this divider. It has been both a natural dark wood and painted white. For full details about my spare bedroom and its DIY touches check out this post.

how to decorate above the bedabove bed decor ideasabove bed decorBed (similar) | White Shadow Box Frames | Wood Block Stamps | Bird Lamp (similar) | Nightstand (similar)

#4 – Get Crafty w/ Shadow Boxes

Are you creative? Like personalizing your space with something meaningful? You will love dressing up your bedroom space with shadow boxes. Whether you opt for two larger frames, three (like we did), or a quadrant, a series of shadow boxes gives you amazing latitude for ingenuity. My mom glued these gorgeous mango wood block stamps inside to fill them. You could also use shells, leaves, skeleton keys — the sky is the limit — in your shadow boxes. Photos are would also be super meaningful.

how to decorate above the bed - large scale map

Large-Scale Map (just $13!) 

#5 – Map It Out

While I don’t have a photo of this stunning map over an adult bed, you can imagine it — right? It brings such warmth and joy to our son’s nursery. And at 50″ x 32″, it easily stands in for larger, expensive artwork. Whether you use one map above your bed or frame a series, they are sure to add major color and impact to your space. At $13, my map doesn’t come framed, so you will have to purchase or make your own (which my crafty hubby did). I’m pretty picky about frames, so I was actually happy we could customize it.

How to Decorate Above the Bed: Bonus Ideas

Photo Courtesy: IfYourWallsCouldTalk | Removable Wallpaper

#6 – A Wallpaper Feature

Love the look of wallpaper, but not the commitment level? Did you know removable wallpaper exists? We’re talking peel and stick folks! It’s a fantastic idea for those who are curious, eager to dip their toes into the world of wallpaper. Etsy has the most gorgeous patterns and prints. There is really something for everyone. With a single wallpapered feature wall, all you need is a one piece of art or a mirror to pair it with and your room will look so stately! Here are some of my favorite removable styles. I’m thinking I might go with the first art deco style (linked below) for our master. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

how to decorate above the bed

#7 – Use a Window…  or Hang a Window Frame

Often people will do anything to avoid putting a bed in front of a window. However, it’s not always a negative. With some careful layering of either a headboard or curtains, it can look strikingly beautiful. It’s all about positioning and styling. Symmetry helps the overall look (e.g. nightstand and matching prints on either side, plus a lamp to balance it out as my mom did in this cottage space), but sometimes you don’t have that option. You can add softness with plenty of decor pillows and a touch of greenery. In this case, it’s a plant on the nightstand. With window frame decor, it might be a boxwood wreath placed on top of the frame.

How do you style the space above your bed? Drop your ideas below and I’ll add them to our list!



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