How to Style Lavender Blazers

While we often talk about lavender fields in the summer, this season we’re talking about lavender blazers instead. Without a doubt, the purple hue is having a moment!  As Marie Claire explains, trend forecasting agency Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) included lavender on its list of summer color trends. It was dominant in top designer’s pre-fall 2023 collections and you’ll find plenty of it in stores right now. However, pastels can be a bit tricky to wear. It’s easy to veer into juvenile territory with softer shades. Wondering how to style lavender blazers confidently and elegantly? Curious what to pair them with? This post will walk you through trending ways to wear hues of violet and soft purple.

Why are lavender blazers trending?

Before learning how to style lavender blazers, it is helpful to understand why the shade is so popular. Lavender (specifically “digital lavender” by WGSN) is not only high profile for summer, but also the agency’s Color of the Year for 2023. According to WGSN, the powerful pastel aligns with a renewed sense of optimism, hope, and balance. It feels serene and is also hot within the youth sector based on its gender-inclusive appeal. Both men and women look lovely in lavender!

How does WGSN predict color trends? It monitors what designers/markets are gravitating toward by working seasons in advance. In this case, the recent lavender hype is a continuation of the success of lilac hues on runways in 2022. The color works wonders on a wide range of skin tones.

So let’s dive into lavender blazers… and find you a great one!

how to wear purple blazers

How to choose a purple blazer

  • Embrace oversize fits

Yes, I know this is not something you typically hear from a petite woman. However, if you want to align with current style trends, relaxed and oversize is the way go. Loose-fitting, menswear-inspired blazers (often referred to as “boyfriend blazers”) are super popular right now. Why? They’re easy to wear and comfortable, providing a fresh and updated look – particularly when you’re rocking unexpected hues, like lavender.

The trick for petites is keeping proportions in mind. You can wear oversize lavender blazers, provided you add shape by rolling the cuffs up and define your waistline with a more fitted garment underneath. This means pairing your lavender blazer with a sleek dress, skirt, or straight leg jeans/pants. Likewise, you can use wrap-style blazers to add that waistline definition. Use the belt your lavender blazer came with or add your own belt.

Here are a few “of the moment” styles to explore… 


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lavender blazers styling guideDress | Bag | Heels 

  • Look for timeless details

A beautiful lavender blazer can be an instant mood-booster. First, there’s the shade to consider. Lavender is calming and soothing. It’s even better when you juxtapose that happy shade with timeless details – like classic buttons, cinched waists, or time-tested silhouettes.

For instance, every woman needs a double breasted blazer in her wardrobe. It looks great layered with jeans and casual tops for errands, but easily pivots to the professional side. Pair it with tailored pants and you’re office-ready. Case in point? The Duchess of Cambridge rocking a double breasted blazer in another pastel hue at Wimbledon.

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Need workwear inspo? Want to learn more about a royal-favored footwear brand?

Whether you’re seeking a lavender blazer or a versatile neutral, it pays to focus on quality construction and fabrics. A great blazer flatters its wearer by adding a sense of sophistication. This means it holds its shape and resists that wrinkled, rumpled look. In contrast, cheap blazers (made of of fabrics like polyester, nylon or viscose) do the opposite – creasing easily and looking a little sloppy. Additionally, they can get shiny in areas that get a lot of friction (e.g. elbows).

If you are loving lavender blazers, look for an investment piece you can wear season after season where the tailoring is perfection. The shoulder is the most important area to consider. You want a blazer with shoulders that rest where your own shoulder ends. This means avoiding jackets where the seam is above or below your natural shoulder bend.

purple blazers for work

  • Or go budget friendly

I know… I’m contradicting myself here. However, it’s with good reason. If you’re reading a post about how to style lavender blazers, there’s a strong possibility you might be on the fence about the hue. While I  always advocate considering cost-per-wear with wardrobe staples like blazers, you may want to give purple a test drive first. Thankfully, there are many affordable lavender blazers on the market right now.

The piece I’m wearing is actually an Amazon find. Is the fit perfect for my frame? Not really – but it does the job. By choosing a budget-friendly piece, I was able to experiment with various ways to wear purple blazers before investing in a garment I plan to wear long term.

How to style lavender blazers

How to Wear Lavender Blazers

1) Neutral Nuances

Now that you have a beautiful jacket, it’s time to talk about how to style lavender blazers! In my opinion, the easiest way to wear them is the most obvious. By pairing purple blazers with neutrals, you are allowing the statement piece (the jacket) to take center stage. The rest of your outfit fades into the background, while the soft lavender draws the eye upward to your face.

That said, it’s helpful to keep in mind that we’re not just talking about black, white and ivory. Many shades can serve as a neutrals (navy, gray, beige, cream, brown), even lavender itself. In fact, very toned down or muted shades are so soft, you can pair them with almost anything!

2) Monochrome Magic

When you’re rocking a purple jacket, why not go all the way? Monochrome styling is another fun way to wear lavender blazers. Once you find your perfect jacket, spring for a matching dress, shorts/pants, tank or skirt. I love the playful styling of this casual blazer on the left with belted shorts. Can definitely see that look for a summer evening out or date night! Likewise, the Veronica Beard look on the right is such a mood. It is a really powerful way to wear this feminine shade.

3) Dressed Down Denim

This may be an obvious way to wear a purple jacket, but it’s classic, fool-proof and certainly worth trying. The most simple formula is to pair your lavender blazer with a white or matching camisole, then finish with on-trend denim, such as Banana Republic’s new slouchy straight jean or standard straight jean. Both fits help complete that relaxed yet polished look.

As a shorter woman (4’11), I favor denim in a darker wash. For example, this petite-perfect pair. The deep denim really helps lavender pop and the dark hue visually extends and slims your leg line. Alternatively, you can keep your look “softer” with light wash denim that matches the pastel nature of your blazer.

lavender outfit color combinations

4) Captivating Colors

Finally, we’ll round out our list of lavender blazer outfit ideas with a nod to captivating color. Like we mentioned above, lavender is such a soft hue, it can be the neutral in your outfit. That means you can pair it with almost anything! Go ahead… Be daring and spontaneous with your color combinations. I highly recommend searching Pinterest for inspo. Some of my favorite unexpected combos? Lavender and yellow, lavender and mint green, and lavender with orange. Yes, orange. It’s punchy, vibrant, and totally fun!

Not a blazer fan? To conclude, here are a few additional pale purple options to explore!

Happy styling! As always feel free to comment below with fit questions or DM me HERE on Instagram.

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