Shoes Like Loeffler Randall

Shoes like Loeffler Randall

The minute I saw them I swooned. Remember playing princess as a kid? Loeffler Randall pleated heels are what my imaginary princess would wear. In fact, if I had stumbled on the brand’s Camellia heel as a bride-to-be, they would have been my wedding shoe! Are you equally smitten, but find the price point pinches a bit? This post will walk you through some impressive shoes like Loeffler Randall. But first, let’s talk about why the original heel is so iconic.

Why are Loeffler Randall pleated heels so popular? 

When this brand comes to mind, most people think of Loeffler Randall’s Camellia Pleated Bow Heel or the Penny Pleated Bow Heel. The pleated fabric is a scene-stealer, while the block heel adds considerable comfort. These are the type of shoes you’ll find shockingly versatile. You’ll reach for them on key celebrations, date night, or an evening out with friends. If you’re looking for sophistication and elegance, Loeffler Randall pleated heels hit the mark.


More importantly, they’re well-constructed. They boast a padded leather footbed, adjustable buckle ankle strap and sturdy 3.5-inch heel. They keep feet happy even when you’re dancing all night long! And they’re the type of style you can love for years to come.

They come in a host of colors (gold, white, and rose) and have graced the feet of celebs like Margot Robbie, Kendall Jenner, and Sophie Turner. Loeffler Randall pleated heels are particularly popular among brides. In fact, many women call Loeffler Randall “the ultimate comfort” for your your big day. As BRIDES magazine explains, the brand is also a go-to bridesmaid shoe and a fan among wedding guests.

Loeffler Randall pleated bow heelsLoeffler Randall Alternative – VETASTE (under $65)

It’s all in the details…

Before we dive into my finds, the alternatives…  the shoes like Loeffler Randall’s iconic pleated heel, I want to explain my motivation behind this post.

When it comes to your wardrobe, I always recommend opting for the best quality you can afford. This means considering cost-per-wear and investing in staple pieces you will get a ton of wear from. For example, classic denim, a great blazer, that perfect pump, or a timeless bag… these are wardrobe building blocks. Spending more for them makes sense.


black pleated bow heel with gingham dressHeels – MCCCUTE (Under $60) | Gingham Dress 

Ninety-nine times out of 100, this means eschewing fast-fashion and opting for the mid-tier or higher end brand.  To be clear, you’ll rarely hear me advocating for the true luxury brands on this site (e.g. Chanel, Gucci, Prada). While I appreciate their artistry, I just can’t stomach the price tag – it feels too extravagant.

Rather, I’m talking about springing for timeless classics made to last. Items you’ll wear again and again. Case in point? Loeffler Randall!

Its pleated heels are a work of art. There are more than 400 pleats in each pair and 28 steps go into fashioning your footwear. Quite literally, Loeffler Randall heels are a confection quite worthy of their price point.

Are you equally shoe-obsessed? Read these next!

Loeffler Randall alternativesLoeffler Randall Alternative – VETASTE (under $65)

Who is Loeffler Randall?

I love that a woman is at the helm! Jessie Randall, creative director, started the company out of her Brooklyn apartment in 2004. She focused on making distinctive products in small batches – a mindset that has changed little since Loeffler Randall’s start.

Is Loeffler Randall worth it? 

That said, I realize ($350-400) for an “event shoe” might be pushing your financial constraints a bit. Although Loeffler Randall pleated heels are versatile, they’re not a shoe I’d bring to the office. I can’t envision myself wearing them while teaching, and I don’t have many opportunities to play “dress up” as a late-30s mama. Consequently, though I completely adore Loeffler Randall’s Camellia heel, I can’t justify the splurge via cost-per-wear.

Additionally, I tend to be super hard on my shoes. I’m not sure what it is, but I manage to scuff them, wear away the heel, or dirty the fabric quite quickly.

Are Loeffler Randall pleated heels worth it? Absolutely! Just not for my personal situation.

gold shoes like Loeffler Randall

I invite you to think hard about your own life…

You might have a role where this investment makes sense. Perhaps you attend a lot of formal events or hold a role that requires a lot of glitz and glam? Loeffler Randall pleated heels are not something you will regret. They can help you stand out and make a lasting impression.

In contrast, you might be a frugal fashionista with little opportunity to wear fancy footwear. If you are contemplating the best ways to stretch your dollar, here are the best shoes like Loeffler Randall I’ve found…

gold pleated heels like loeffler randallDress | Shoes

Shoes Like Loeffler Randall – Best Alternatives 2023

Once I decided my life situation didn’t justify springing for the original, I began hunting for Loeffler Randall alternatives. While I often search for pieces that evoke the vibes of an original design, I do not support those who falsely claim to “be” the original. Any time you are shopping for a product that mimics higher-end goods, there are a few distinctions to consider.

First, does the item you are looking try to pass itself off as the real thing (e.g., includes the Loeffler Randall logo or duplicates a registered trademark)? If so, walk away quickly. You are looking at a counterfeit. Counterfeits are illegal, infringe on intellectual property rights, and can be connected to broader criminal enterprises.

They intend to deceive, whereas the Loeffler Randall alternatives I’m sharing pay homage to the original design but do not claim to be the real deal. Fashion designers and stylists have long pulled inspiration from each other. Shop at HM, Forever 21 or ZARA? You’ve seen this in action before.

With that said, let’s dive into some shoes that offer the Loeffler Randall vibe

Shoes like Loeffler Randall pleated bow heels

Loeffler Randall Alternatives

  • My top pick – VETASTE (Amazon brand)

I tested out many shoes like Loeffler Randall’s pleated heels, looking for the perfect balance of comfort and style. The best quality I found is this shoe from VETASTE. It comes in 7 different colorways. I ordered the “gold” and love its soft, champagne hue.

Unlike most Loeffler Randall alternatives on Amazon, I feel like the color of this brands online photos is a true match. Many Loeffler Randall-style shoes are a very vibrant gold that almost looks like it came from the nearby party store. Not so for this pair! If you are looking for a more vibrant gold – you’ll prefer the brand I’ll discuss next. The sole has a good amount of padding – quite comfy.

Cons? The bow frays quite quickly, so you must be gentle with it. However, this is also something Loeffler Randall notes with the original shoe (click here for its guide to protecting pleated lamé and other pleated fabrics). As LF suggests, I would recommend carefully snipping the raw edge should you notice a fray. You could also try to very carefully seal the edge with clear nail polish, much like you would with a run in your nylons.

This shoe has a 4/5 star rating with mostly positive reviews.

gold pleated bow heels

woman in yellow floral dress and gold heels

MUCCCUTE is listed as “Amazon’s choice” for this search query, so I wanted to see how it stacks up. Overall, I was quiet impressed and found it definitely deserves a spot on a list of shoes like Loeffler Randall pleated heels. It has tons of colorways available, is under $60, and offers options that resemble both the Loeffler Randall’s Penny slide and the Camellia heel.

I wasn’t wild about the shade of the gold compared to the champagne of the VESTASTE iteration. However, MUCCCUTE’s gold is reflected accurately in the online photos, so you know what you’re getting. I ordered the slide in a size 6 (my usual size in gold) and this strapped sandal in black (pictured below).

The brand has a 4.3/5 star rating with more than 300 reviews, mostly positive.

Loeffler Randall Alternatives pleated bow heel

Comfort-wise these impressed me. But there was some evidence of less-than-perfect construction. The seaming on the inside is slightly visible on the underside of the heel. Not that you’d typically be looking there unless you are hunting for imperfections… However, you can tell this is not the original.

Additionally, the holes in the straps were on different places on the left shoe than on the right. That doesn’t bother me a ton, as I often have had to add a hole on other strappy shoes. It’s a fairly easy fix.

Looking for more options? Let’s conclude with a few more styles that can help you feel glam! I found some real gems via Lulus, Draper James, and more.

A few more shoes like Loeffler Randall pleated heels…


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