Birdies Reviews 2024: As Comfy as Slippers?

Birdies review - slipper like comfort?

I’ll be honest, I am not a flats girl. At 4’11, heels have been a calling card most of my life. I assumed I needed that added height to look polished. Without it, I felt a bit frumpy. Notice I’m using past tense here? When my job forced me to reconsider my footwear and focus on comfort, I landed on Birdies shoes. They were completely unique, appealing both to my style sensibilities and functional needs. Has the brand caught your eye too? Looking for an honest Birdies review in 2024? we’ll dive into the company’s claim that its shoes are as comfy as they are chic.

I’ll walk you through everything about the brand that appealed to me (and what didn’t). We’ll cover what you need to know before you order, including sizing tips, shipping/returning info, and other frequently asked questions.

A Famous Following

To begin, we should probably talk about why the Birdies name might sound familiar. These shoes have some famous fans. In fact, photographers for InStyle magazine recently spotted Katie Holmes in the same Birdies’ ballet flat I ordered (it’s called The Crane). Meghan Markle is another Birdies devotee, as ELLE magazine discusses, calling the shoes “clouds for your feet.” And of course there’s People Magazine which named Birdies to its list of the most comfortable flats of 2024.

Thanks to Birdies for sharing these styles with me to assist in the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Birdies shoe reviews 2024The Goldfinch | Bow Sweater

My Experience: Birdies Review 2024

As a college journalism and broadcasting lecturer, I am on my feet all day long. Moreover, I am often traversing campus while carrying heavy photo and video gear. The heels I adore are no longer conducive to my lifestyle! My quest for a better option as we enter the new year had me testing out several brands that focus on elegant, comfort-focused flats—Birdies, VIVAIA, and Rothy’s.

While this post focuses specifically on Birdies, if you’re looking for a 2024 Birdies review that compares all three, I do have some thoughts to share. When comparing the three brands, VIVAIA offers the most diversity of styles/lowest price point, while Birdies gets the win for comfort. Although I love the sustainability focus Rothy’s offers, I didn’t find its shoes as comfortable as Birdies (and the two are similar in price).

Are Birdies comfortable?

As the Birdies team explains, Birdies shoes offer a seven layer footbed that conforms to your foot shape. Thus, you get “the support of a sneaker, the softness of a slipper and the style of a designer flat.”

When you look inside the shoe, you can see that cushioning immediately. Birdies’ shoes cover high-density memory foam with a plush quilted satin fabric for maximum shock absorption. Best of all, unlike most shoes claiming to offer “slipper-like comfort” – Birdies also have arch and heel support. This is essential if you are looking for and all-day, workhorse shoe like I was.

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Birdies shoes the crane ballet flatThe Crane

First-Impressions: How meh… turned into WOW!

I first encountered Birdies early in the brands’ development. At that time, it focused primarily on loafers. After all, the founders of the company (Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey) intended to create a beautiful shoe you could wear around the house – and elevated house slipper.  Most of the styles seemed to have more of a rounded toe, so I quickly dismissed the brand.

As a petite, I favor pointed or almond toe styles which can create the illusion of longer legs. Moreover, I was looking for a work shoe. Thankfully, Birdies has really broadened its collection in 2024. There are now shoes fit for every aesthetic. The brand has even launched a line of sneakers! I’ve found so many styles I adore.

Birdies flats are now available in six styles: Blackbird, Starling, Vesper, Goldfinch, Heron, and Crane. You’ll find everything from bold patterns like cheetah, to luxe finishes like velvet… and plenty of versatile classics too.

Birdies Shoes Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons – Birdies Shoe Reviews 2024

Before we dive into the specifics of the styles I ordered, I wanted to make sure this Birdies review touches on the overall pros and cons. I’m a fan, but no shoe is perfect.

Here’s what you need to know:

Birdies Pros

  • Stylish accents – Usually, comfort-focused shoes can feel a bit plain. Not so with Birdies. I’d go so far as to call this a party shoe! Especially if you consider its holiday collection. Think pom poms, embroidery, crystals, and feathers.
  • Half sizes – Between sizes? This brand, unlike many, offers most of its styles in women’s 5-12, plus half sizes
  • Comfort, comfort, comfort – Flats can be killer on your feet. Birdies not only gives me the cushioning I’m looking for, but the arch support too. Slides and flats aren’t known for arch support and cushioning, but Birdies offers both.
  • Easy returns and exchanges – With Birdies you get a “no questions” asked 30-day return policy. This means, you can actually give them a test run inside the house and out before deciding if they work for you.

Birdies Cons

  • Price – Outside special sales, Birdies cost upwards of $100. While that can feel like a lot for a pair of flats (or house slippers), you do get what you pay for. In my experience, the quality (and comfort) of Birdies far surpasses that of other flats I’ve tried at lower price points. I consider them worth the investment.
  • Not machine washable – VIVAIA shoes got me hooked on washable flats. Probably too much info, but my feet sweat a lot, so that was a con for me. That said, I know machine washable shoes are a rarity. Additionally, you can’t wear your Birdies on a wet day. The brand recommends you keep them away from water.
  • Too soft? – This con comes with a question mark as it was not a problem for me. However, some reviewers of Birdies shoes found the cushioning too much for them and felt Birdies are more appropriate for short duration wear. I rock them all day long and love the memory foam, so I think this is an issue of personal preference.

Birdies review 2024 most comfortable flatsThe Crane | Top | Skirt

Let’s Talk Styles – Birdies Review

The Goldfinch

In addition to the Crane (pictured above), I fell in love with the Goldfinch (linked below). The pointed-toe ballet flat comes in a variety of leathers and fabrications, including a suede with 5,000 rhinestones that catch the light beautifully. This shoe is a compliment magnet!

One of the reasons for that, is its flattering v-shaped vamp. You might be wondering what the heck is a vamp and why does it matter? The vamp is where the shoe ends at the top or front of your foot. Low vamp shoes, like the Goldfinch, end or cut across the top of your foot near the toes. High vamp shoes come further up your foot.

Low vamp shoes help visually elongate your leg line. This is especially the case when pairing them with cropped pants or a skirt/dress.

Birdies shoes the BlackbirdThe Blackbird 

The Blackbird

My other favorite Birdies style is the Blackbird. I found the refined, tapered toe quite flatter. Like the Goldfinch, this style also sits lower on your foot, extending your silhouette. I ordered the Licorice Leather version, which the brand calls “Princess Diana-inspired.”
This style offers a wide band across the top, unlike the original Blackbird. I think it adds just the right amount of impact and interest. Now, let’s dive into those Birdies FAQs…

FAQs – Birdies Review 2024

Do Birdies run small or large?

An essential question for any 2024 Birdies review! In my experience, Birdies shoes fit true to size. I wear mine without socks, either barefoot or with tights the winter.  The flats, slides, and slippers should fit snuggly, molding to your feet over time.

There are some variations depending on the style you choose, so I would recommend taking the time to read the brand’s rather extensive Size & Fit Guide. On the page, you’ll find an interactive style quiz and some fit FAQs. Most notably, it highlights the fact that you get 30 days to give your Birdies a test flight. Birdies accepts returns or exchanges within 30 days of your purchase.

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My experience? Depends on the style

Here’s what I noticed, based on the three styles I ordered… The fabrication affects the fit.

For instance, the Goldfinch in Quartz Crystal Suede was a bit roomier on my feet than the more structured Crane ballet flat and Blackbird flat, both in leather. Per the brand, velvet styles are roomier, while leather, suede, and calf hair mold to your foot over time.

The Blackbird runs a bit narrow in the toe area. If you are between sizes, I would recommend going up a half size. The Crane fit perfectly, very true to size. I ordered my usual size 6. The Goldfinch felt a bit loose on my. While most reviewers and the brand say it fits TTS, I would have been more comfortable in a 5.5.

What is the Birdies shoes return and shipping policy?

To conclude this 2024 Birdies review, let’s discuss shipping and returns. Shipping is free. You can expect your order to arrive within 5-8 business days. Returns are also free (including return shipping). As mentioned above, Birdies offers a fit guarantee as well as a 30-day trial period for U.S. customers.

Final Thoughts

For me, Birdies shoes were a breath of fresh air. Equal parts comfort and style, they helped reframe my thinking about flats. If you’re looking for something classic, whimsical, or just want to give your feet the attention they deserve, Birdies are worth trying! If you have any questions I didn’t cover, don’t hesitate to drop me a note in the comments below.

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