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Work From Home Alternative: Coworking Spaces

At times it feels like we’re all losing our minds a bit… Do you need a work from home alternative? Is isolation driving you nuts? Are you eyeing this calming work space like a child spotting an ice cream truck on a hot summer day? Believe me, I get it! My “office” sits in my son’s playroom. With toys to the right and my printer resting on toys to the left, it’s basically a chaos sandwich.…

What to Wear for Family Photos

We will never be able to freeze time, but family photography might be the next best thing. I don’t know about you, but I will treasure our family photos forever. Why? They capture your little people while they’re still little, documenting every impish grin and twinkling eye. Local photographers are beginning to book sessions again here in Indiana. And that means a lot of families are asking a very common question… Hmm, what to wear for family photos? 

Last Minute Gift Ideas: How Far Can You Stretch $100?

Yes, this post is about last minute gift ideas. But first… if you’re stressing over the holidays, worrying you waited to long to begin shopping, or feeling any sort of budgetary pressure, I want to start with a REALITY CHECK.

You’ve got time. You don’t need to spend a lot to show you care. In fact, in our overly scheduled world, many loved ones simply want your presence, not presents for Christmas!

Mad Love Boutique: Layering to FALL in love with

Have you ever listened to a celebrity talking enthusiastically about their stylist pushing them out of their comfort zone? Ever wondered what it would be like to have that individualized experience? To get someone focused solely on YOU and your unique fashion needs?

It’s closer than you think. In the era of online everything, the antidote to fashion conformity may just be your area boutique!…