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20 Elegant White Tops For Summer

It might seem risky or counter intuitive with a three-year-old at home, but my closet is packed with white tops. Dangerous? Yes. But 100 percent worth it! Why? White tops offer instant elegance, particularly in warmer weather. No matter what you pair them with they always look chic. Dress them down with jeans… or shoot for all-out glamour with a sophisticated skirt and red lip.…

Palm Print & Summer-Ready Styles

Perhaps it’s because this is the summer of going nowhere... but these days I really find myself pulled toward palm print. It has a way of transporting you away from your current reality and offering a beeline to the beach. Sure, it’s unlikely that beach is literal. For example, we are stuck at home in the throes of potty training our little guy.…

Back Detail: Embellishment You Can ‘Get Behind’

Conservative in the front, party in the back… There’s something about the change of seasons that always has me reaching for fashion with a bit of extra flair. In particular, I am all about back detail! Whether it’s a bow, a criss cross, or an unexpected ruffle — there’s nothing quite like a splash of surprise as you turn around to truly elevate an outfit.…

Fall Outfit Ideas: 3 Ways to Ease Into Autumn

Crisp mornings, technicolor leaves, pumpkins lining neighborhood porches… What’s not to love about fall? It’s been slow to arrive in Indiana, but we’re finally getting a taste of “sweater weather.” That means it’s time a great time to freshen up your wardrobe, try a few new things, embrace layering, and ease into the new season! Looking for fall outfit ideas? I teamed up with Chicwish to share 3 ways to “fall-ify” your style, even in the midst of unpredictable temperatures.…

Public speaking anxiety: Get the ‘leg up’ on nerves

Sweaty palms, shaky knees, a slight tremble in your voice… Sound familiar? Want to get a leg up on your nerves? Public speaking anxiety is common and natural. In fact, even TV journalists and performers experience it. The first time I ever reported live, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. My heart was racing. What if I lose my train of thought?…

The modern woman’s guide to more flattering florals

There is something so feminine, fresh and fun about pulling on a floral print. It’s like having a permanent bouquet of flowers every time you enter your closet. But florals can be tricky to wear, especially if you have a petite frame. Choose the wrong print or fit and you might end up looking like you’re wearing your curtains! As Coco Chanel once said:

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

Spring stripes: More wearable than ever

As a girl who loves the classics, I’ve long had a thing for stripes.

Offering a taste of both nautical and Parisian chic, they invoke images of style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Brigette Bardot. Stripes are versatile, elegant and affordable.

And guess what? They work for EVERYONE. Curvy? Short? Tall? There is an option for you!

Designers are reimagining classic stripes in bold new ways this spring.…