Zesica Reviews: This Maxi Lives Up to the Hype!

Zesica reviews

Ever spot something online you think is absolutely gorgeous, but worry there’s no way it will live up to the photos? This Amazon boho maxi dress from Zesica was that piece for me. It popped up as a suggested ad and piqued my curiosity. The colors were so happy and vibrant. It seemed the perfect piece for a tropical vacation. But Zesica? I’d never heard of it before. Was it one of those sketchy Amazon brands that artificially inflate their popularity with fake reviews? Or, could this Zesica dress be legit? So I searched the web for Zesica reviews…

Not only did this dress have a 4-star rating and more than 18,000 reviews on Amazon, but it also got a shout out in People Magazine! I thought the brand’s photos of the dress were pretty, but what sealed the deal was the reviewer photos. Real women—of all shapes and sizes—looked stunning in it. The color, the wrap styling, the dreamy boho vibe… I couldn’t resist pulling the trigger.

Zesica reviews - boho maxi dressZesica reviewsZesica Boho Wrap Dress

“Even prettier in Person” – Zesica Reviews

Ladies, if you’re searching Zesica reviews and wondering the same things as me… do yourself a favor and buy the dress! As some Amazon shoppers suggest, it’s “even prettier in person.” For some reason, the product photos don’t do this one justice. It is a smidge long on me (I’m 4’11), but that’s nothing that a great pair of espadrille wedges can’t fix. If you’re average height – it’s ideal!

First, let’s get into the nitty gritty – sizing, fit, quality, fabric, etc.

This boho maxi has butterfly sleeves and is a true wrap design with a hole in the waist for the belt to go through. The frill hemline is my favorite part. It moves moves so beautifully. The dress is unlined with 100% rayon fabric. It has no stretch to it and feels light and airy.

Normally, the unlined factor might be a bit of an issue for me. However, this fabric is just thick enough that you don’t need to worry about sheerness issues. The bold, cheerful pattern helps with that too. Does it feel like a $100 dress? No. However, the quality far exceeds what I’ve come to expect from Amazon purchases. I’d happily pay more than its $40 price tag (and will probably scoop it up in another colorway – there are 19 to choose from).

Best of all, you can get it fast. Prime members get free one-day delivery and returns. This is definitely the piece you need in your suitcase when vacation comes calling!

Zesica reviewsBoho Maxi Dress – Zesica

The dress is machine washable, but Zesica recommends you don’t use the dryer. Line dry instead. I haven’t had to wash mine yet, so I can’t report on how it emerges from a wash just yet (I’ll update after I wash it). It’s really cold in Indiana right now – and vacation hasn’t been in the cards for me, ha ha! At least one reviewer reported that it did shrink a bit, but not overly so.

As we’re discussing quality, one thing reviewers repeatedly bring up on Amazon is the need to watch out for imitations of this dress. There are other sellers out there marketing a very similar style, but it is not the same quality as this one. If you do a web seach for “Zesica reviews” or search for Zesica on Amazon you should land on the right brand.

Now, let’s get to fit… 

This dress fit as expected, but a little loose up top. If you are flat chested, I would recommend sizing down. I ordered a small. If it came in XS, I would have opted for that. To help you in choosing a size, here are my measurements: I’m am 4’11 and slightly pear shaped (33-26-36). If you are more petite than me, I would recommend opting for the two other Zesica styles I’ll share below. Both have a shorter hemline and smocked bodice to suit your tiny frame.

A lot of reviewers commented about this dress being amazing for those who are curvy up top. I would concur! You’ll look amazing in this. It still works for the less well-endowed crowd, you just need to adjust how you wrap the dress. I didn’t notice any gaping and felt adequately covered. Sometimes wrap dresses feel way too plunging for my taste. This is not one of those.

zesica reviewsStrapless Beach Party Dress – Zesica | Woven Clutch

Now, you might have guessed at this… But Zesica dress one, inspired Zesica dress two… and dress three. Like many Zesica reviewers, I also fall into the category of “sucked in.” I just can’t resisit this boho magic! Once I slipped on the wrap dress, I knew I had to try this smocked strapless number. The coloring is gorgeous and the tiered skirt is so unique. It looks expensive, but isn’t.

In fact, this $39.99  beauty is even more highly reviewed than the last dress! I has a 4.3 star-rating from nearly 7,000 reviewers. You’ll notice there are also a lot of colorways to this dress. However, not all of them have the multi-tiered ruffling of this number. For me, that detail matters. It is what gives it a high end look. Examine the different colorways carefully before pulling the trigger, so you know what you are getting.

Strapless Dress | Woven Clutch 

The quality of this one is the same as #1. The main difference with this one is that it is even more petite-friendly than the dress above. The length was perfect on my 4’11 frame and (because of the smocking) the top is great for flat-chested gals. It also looks stellar on curvy women based on the customer review photos. Some people have even rocked it as a maternity dress!

Again, I’m wearing the size small. This time the fit couldn’t have been more perfect. I also want to mention that the tube top (smocked area) gives you a good amount of support. You do not need to worry about it slipping down.

Zesica reviews square neck dressBoho Dress | Bow Pumps

And here is another petite-friendly option… This square neck silhouette allows a lot of versatility. You can wear it low, as I did above, or pull it up for a more defined square neckline. Like the other two dresses, the fabric is lightweight and breathable – ideal for vacations and warmer weather. Again 100 percent rayon and machine washable.

In terms of fit, this couldn’t be more perfect on my 4’11 frame. It’s also super comfortable with the smocked bodice. Taller reviewers 5’7 and up found the empire waist sits a bit too high. This one has fewer reviews (722), but the majority of them are positive. It has a 4.3 star rating.

Zesica reviews - square neck dressZesica reviews - back of dressBoho Dress | Bow Pumps

About the Brand – Zesica Reviews

To wrap things up, let’s talk about the brand itself and what you can expect from Zesica. As far as Amazon sellers go, this one is pretty dependable. Returns are free and shipping is typically quite fast. The garments are made in and shipped from China. I now have three Zesica dresses in my closet, a sweater, and a just-arrived romper I am quite pleased with. If you gravitate toward a feminine and boho aesthetic, you’ll enjoy exploring Zesica’s styles – particulary their summer line.

Questions about fit or quality? Let me know in the comments below!




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